Emily Sokolosky

Born and raised in Charleston, WV, Emily started Base Camp Printing Company in May of 2016. But her love of letterpress began when she was a student at WVU. While studying for her Graphic Design degree, she was introduced to the historic Gramlee collection of wood engravings by Professor Joe Galbreath. She was hooked, and so she created an independent study with Joe in order to learn more and work with the collection. After her graduation in 2014, she spent 3 months as an intern at the legendary Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN. Back in Charleston, she was eager to learn more about any type of printing, so she emailed local screen printers and designers Dan & Hillary of Kin Ship Goods. They gave her a job in their store and encouraged her to keep pursuing printmaking. Meanwhile she had acquired an old press that she fixed up in her parents’ garage. When Dan & Hillary moved Kin Ship to a new location, they had some extra space next door and they offered it to Emily to let her start her own business. And the rest is history!


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