Hi there,
We're making some changes to the Posterogs submission form and we'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see added or changed.
Size and type are currently a priority. Are there other fields you'd like to be able to have the option to add in your poster submission but can't?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

One I would like to add would be related to type regarding prints. It would be a field for any prints with a limited run. I have a number of posters, often from specific artists, which it is noted on the poster, e.g. 41/50 100/105...

Another one would be to expand the Country field. Most of my concert posters are specific, so would like to have city and state....

Also related to concert posters would be a specific field for venue, especially a drop down box like artist on Discogs. Often I look for posters on ebay by the venue.....

Since it's music, would also like to see a specific field for Artist, also like Discogs...kind of related to this, and not sure how it would work, would be identify the subject on a more field level, example specific title of lp/cd

Also related to concert posters and artists, you would also probably need to add additional fields for the additional artists (opening acts), and to further complicate things for your coders. Some of my concert posters list multiple venues (a whole tour which might be the tour year and description e.g Summer 2017) while others, like Wes Freed's DBT posters, are regionalized to list only a few dates, e.g just the Texas shows.....

How about a field for printing process if known such as offset, photocopy, screen print, etc.

Should there be the capability of creating or designating links to multiple different (or variations of) versions of posters for specific events? Somewhat similar to the Master and linked releases of records on Discogs?

Thanks a lot for the feedback! We've just updated the submission form to reflect many of your suggestions, including a field for limited run, printing process, and type (whether it's a gig poster, tour poster, album promo, etc). We've also expanded the Subjects field to include a drop-menu for headliners, supporting artist, venue and more.
Try it out and let me know what you think! I can tweak if needed.

The new updates look great, but I have a couple of questions/suggestions.
Is the only size measurement going to be in cm?
If a show is "presented" by a radio station, promoter or another entity, can a selection be added for that? I noticed a sponsor option but that is only under the Credits section for who made the poster.

Sent you a message, forgot about this. anyway, changes look great. I would also love to see size measurement (which doesn't save right now) in inches. One reason is that I usually use inches for framing.... I would also like to see a city and state field as there are venues in different cities with the same name. Agree with the presented option (since a lot of the older poster are from radio stations). I think the linked option is a great idea, especially for tour posters as I have some tour posters which are just for one or two cities on a specific tour.

Hello! I'm running into an issue when submitting new posters and editing existing.
When adding a quantity to the 'Limited Run of' field, it gives me an error:

Edition_Of: u'Edition of 300' is not of type u'integer'

Even when removing the quantity completely it does not let me save the submission.

more similarities to Discogs database would be helpful, like linked artist, label, etc. linked fields. also size in cm is weird - and that info isn't actually making it into listings once submitted. size should maybe be in inches? also for fields where who made, etc. the poster, there aren't enough options - many record and film companies issue promotional posters with no designer / artist listed, so the record label or film co. would be who issued it - but there is currently no option for either of those.

also it's my understanding that Posterogs isn't just for music, but for all posters, regardless of subject matter. i think this is a good idea, but submission info seems to lean just toward music - open it up to everything

We should have a means to state that a poster is 1- or 2-sided. I've been adding "Front: CMYK / Back: CMYK or none" on my submissions to specify this.

(FWIW, I work in prepress for a commercial printer, and we typically specify that a piece is "4c/4c" to indicate 4-color 2-sided printing, or something like "4c/2c" to indicate CMYK on side 1 and 2 spot colors on side 2.)

Coming from Discogs, I think we need labels, distributors, copyright holders, catalog numbers, and barcode fields, as several pieces I've submitted have them.

It would be great to have fields on a poster submission to link directly to corresponding artist or release IDs on Discogs, without having to add the full URLs to the "subject" pages that are created.

Size in cm is OK! 😀

We need catalog number. The father of rock posters, Bill Graham, issued all poster with a number attached to them.

Printing/Edition would be helpful too. Many classic posters are re-printed and should be tracked separately.

Co-headliner would be helpful too.

I'd like to see an option for size in either CM or IN. Or both (a built-in conversion would be great!). Also, an option for odd shaped posters.

+1 for more features like Discogs. This could get out of control real fast if there aren't more guidelines and controls.

+1 for city/state (or provence, county, region, prefectures, etc...)

Thanks all for the feedback. We've got some changes coming up, stay tuned!

For film posters:
Directed By

How about a field with checkboxes for standard sizes like half-sheet, one-sheet, etc?

I have several different posters from the same movie. Could movie title be added as subject? Or something like that?

It would also be great if we could add how many copies of the same poster we have in our collection!

can i request 'publisher' and 'photographer' credits as these are two bits of information that i have on the posters that aren't on the db.


Artist ANV like on Discogs

Record Label

Catalog number
Master list (for posters with multiple reprintings)

+1 for artist ANVs
also something similar for venues. Eg., the venue "The Warfield" is often also called "Warfield". If you look under the page for "The Warfield" there are only 2 posters listed. If you search for "Warfield" you find about 100.

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