We can't time-travel you back to the legendary gigs and concerts in music history, but together we can build a comprehensive archive of gig-posters and iconic music-related artwork. Now we're taking it one step further by adding a field in the submission form to include the setlist for the gigs and concerts related to each poster.
When you add a gig poster to the database, you can now include the setlist for that show, and link to the track from Discogs. Help keep the memory of gigs alive, and give other music-fans the next best experience to being there! Who knows - you could be documenting our Woodstock for future generations ;)

Thanks for all of the hard work that's been put into Posterogs thus far! I'm a pretty big fan of gig posters so am happy to see the Discogs community branch out into the world of concert posters!

I wonder about the importance of compiling all of the setlists within this database, and whether it's really necessary? I've been a member of setlist.fm for quite a few years now, and it seems like they are on top of the setlist game already. Would it be possible for us to simply include a link to the Setlist.fm setlist listing, rather than doubling up all of that info within the Posterog's database? Seems like a lot of work to recreate something that already exists out there. At the moment I'm simply including the Setlist.fm link within the External Link field at the bottom, rather than going through and adding each and every song within the Setlist section. Any thoughts from other users? Thanks again to everyone involved in the community! Cheers!

Thanks for the kind words and feedback, nwimnthing0. Glad you're enjoying Posterogs.
That's a valid point, setlist.fm is a great resource and it's definitely acceptable to link to the setlist.fm page in the External Link section if you'd like. With our version, our idea was that you could link each song between the Posterogs and Discogs databases, add a track/album to your Wantlist, and create more cohesion between the gig and recorded item. That's totally optional though, so if you prefer to just add the data from the physical poster, that's also great.
Thanks a lot for contributing!

It does feel a bit like reinventing the wheel to add setlists when setlist.fm exists, but I understand what you're trying to do. Would it be possible to make an interface like setlist.fm's where I can paste an entire setlist in at once without having to enter it one song at a time?

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