Merged, thanks BadMoon

But it got merged the wrong way!?
The credit with the dot at the end is the correct (and the older) one.

Apologies, fixed now.


merged those, thanks paramnesiac (correct)
(although it would be great to pull the image of the foil poster in the 2nd into the first which includes information on all 3 versions of this poster)

Is there a way to merge things together? These are all the same print, different editions. (correct)

The last one has all of the information adjusted and various editions noted, but the images from the other two are those of the two variant versions.

These are all the same print, different editions.
No reason to merge different editions!

With a plan to add different editions (as there are on Discogs listsings) within a single poster, they should be merged. Otherwise there will be MANY prints with 2,3, or even 10+ listings.

If this plan changes then, yes - we'll need to separate editions.

If you merge them, only one would be left.
Different editions are combined through detailed Subject credits.
At this point, there is no "Master" function, like the one on Discogs at Posterogs.

I understand that this option is not in place for Posterogs yet, but it is the intended plan to be established, so better to prepare the editions for such rather than create a multitude of additional listings that need to be merged together down the road.

Thinking is that once the ability to do editions is in place, any user can then re-edit and create those separate/additional editions given the information which will already be in place on the listing. If they are separate listings which need to be merged, that will take the time and attention of an admin/staff member as specific access is needed to make it happen.

Discogs needs at least two editions to create a "Master", so it is always a merge afterwords.
On Bookogs and Filmogs, you can create a "Work" or rather a "Film" with the submission of a single release, but, at least on Bookogs, that function is fairly new and there are atill a lot editions without a "Work" on the run.
Like here on Posterogs, Comicogs still misses a "Master" function of any kind.

merge or delete the worng one. "joey remmers" and "welcome to rockville" duplicates

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