From the Wiki, there are at least 3 acceptable ways of entering a poster title, 3 examples are given:


I choose #3 for most of my submissions. Someone, I won't identify who right now, keeps changing them from #3 to variations of #2. Thank you, unnamed person, for adding additional information, such as artist, etc., but would you please stop arbitrarily modifying my poster entries to suite your stylistic preferences?

WHat does the community say on this?

Hi DavidTomlinson,
My apologies, I hadn't noticed that Bruce Springsteen poster title had actually been changed since I used it as an example in that Wiki document. I was referring to the title as it was originally written: Bruce Springsteen - Live 1975-85. Having those extra details in the title is really helpful in differentiating one poster from another. Ideally for a gig or tour poster, we'd like the title of the poster to contain the band name, location, and year.
We know we need to do some work in standardizing this and communicating it better. We're discussing this now and looking into solutions to reduce confusion and disagreements like this going forward. Thanks for your feedback here.

Fair enough, Name, Location and Year would help differentiate posters. A suggestion: full date should be used if possible. For example, How many times did Janis, QUicksilver, the Airplane play at the Fillmore west in a year? Multiple times...

CAPacelli had the best suggestion, enter seperate fields, concatenate on display.

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