There are a large number of posters here that are not in anyone's collection or wantlist. What is their origin? Is this database intended to be a catalog of all existant posters or is it intended to reflect a composite collection, i.e. someone here owns (some of) the contents?

Hi DavidTomlinson,
This could just be because the contributor of the poster wants to archive it in the database but doesn't use the Collection (or Wantlist) feature.

Could it be that the contributor doesn't actually have the poster in hand?

It certainly could be. But I don't think a wantlist or collection addition is a decisive signal for that. Do you have specific concerns on this issue or on the data quality of submissions?

We have discussed whether the "item in hand" requirement should be as stringent for Posterogs as it is on Discogs and the other *ogs sites.

Posters are for the most part two dimensional items where most of the important information can be gleaned from a detailed enough image. Books, records or dvds for the most part have all sorts of minutiae and details where the same can not be said.

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