(Apologies is this already exist and I didn't see it, or if it's been brought up 1000x times.)

So, I was a big gigposters lurker back in the day, and I've been without a poster inspiration site since. It's been a huge bummer. So I finally decided to bite the bullet on Posterogs as it has seems it has grown a lot since I first saw it a while back.

I just want a random poster feature. The sorting options are super nice here, but I could easily see myself falling into 'seeing-the-same-posters' hole that I get while trying to use Pinterest for poster inspo.

A random poster feature might show things missed by scolling the gallery, or show something that might just not have appeared because I didn't think to search for 'it'.

Just an idea.

Hi cmdugan,
Thanks for the suggestion, that's a great idea. We'll keep this in mind as we add more features to the site.

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