For sellers with a lot of posters, storage can be a challenge. Rolled up takes up too much space, and stacked flat means you need to carefully dig through heavy layers to find something. What's the best method for sellers to locate a sold poster from their stock? Should we include a stock number in the sale description? or can a (private) field be added to the seller form to use as stock reference number? Is there recommended practice here?

I used to sell posters years ago. They're a right pain : ) Don't know why I'm heading back into it but here I am heading back into it.
My method was to store flat in order of size. Each poster had a stock ref number in feint pencil on the back, plus a strip of some old rubbish poster to use as a 'tab' for easier finding. So there'd be say ten with the tab 'Z100 to Z110' and then a tab with 'X100 to X110' etc and located within each tab was ten posters with specific code on back in feint pencil. This code was added to item description.

A real swine when you get an order for a 20quid poster and theres a hundred posters stacked but if we're gonna do this!

Yes, very similar to what I'm doing. I'm also including the "X100" label in the posterogs sale notes for my own reference. buyers can see it but only I need to know what it means.

I'm not a retailer, but at times have had more then 4000 posters in my various files (currently more about 1500).

Honestly, I've never had much issue finding things using a system of various portfolios (for anything 18x24 or smaller) and flat files (for anything bigger or odd shaped). More about staying organized and not getting out of sorts over time.

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