Just found this site and I love it, it goes perfect with Discogs and Setlist.fm.

Have there been any thought to adding shirts and ticket stubs?
I feel at least tickets go well here, since it's part of the show and especially older tickets can be pretty.
Shirts may be too much, but I feel posters and shirts go together and there are some really nice designs made for shirts.

Just a thought.

We have discussed these possibilties actively, but the focused direction of Posterogs is to push printed material (posters/prints) only and not to include other music memorabilia.
This means items like shirts, tickets/stubs, store standees, other CD promo materials, etc. are all not part of the scope for this database. Agreed that the art (design and execution) of many of these things can be quite beautiful and attractive, as well as collectible. But it's not the scope/goal of the site at this point.

a SHIRTOGS site is really needed!

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