Spanish Sahara

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Main Details
Subject/s artwork
Credits Artist - Suburban Avenger
Date 2017
Country United States
Notes "Spanish Sahara" is a piece that I started last September, way back when I was still in college. I practically completed the piece, and a few hours before I went to print the project my photoshop file became corrupted, causing me to lose the entire thing. This absolutely devastated me, and it was months before I could literally even think about it again. But now, eight months later, I came back to it and finally finished it for good. It was incredibly difficult to print, but it feels absolutely wonderful to put this piece to rest. I'm really happy to finally be able to share this with all of you.

The item that you are purchasing is a hand-pulled screenprint, made by yours truly. You are not purchasing something that a digital printer churned out, but something that was created layer by layer. It's so much more unique than some Ikea manufactured art or a digital image. It's a quality hand-made good. It's through this process that gives each print it's own unique and special features.

"Spanish Sahara"

Dimensions // 16x20

Process // 6 Color Screenprint

Paper // French 100# Speckletone White

Signed and numbered edition of 25


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