Distressing God, Karel Vaca, 1969

Film Poster

Main Details
Date 1969
Type Film Poster
Notes Movie poster for Milan Kundera’s adaptation with fabulous collage by award winning Czech poster designer and artist Karel Vaca.

Fascinating movie poster design for Distressing God from 1969. Czech writer Milan Kundera has shut down the doors with former Czechoslovakia in 1960s with his emigration to France. He was not the only one artist, who could not stand the brutality of Communist regime and had urge to free existence. Majority of Milan Kundera’s books were banned in Czechoslovakia, similar destiny happened to the movies he co-directed. Distressing God was out of distribution and movie posters or any promotional materials were possibly burnt. His movie appeared in the cinemas again in the late 1980s, when fall of the Communism was already significant.

Karel Vaca‘s unique aesthetics and creative freedom made him one of the most influential Czech graphic designers. He studied at the Rotter’s school of Advertising Graphics and at the School of Applied Art in Prague. Karel Vaca’s extensive portfolio includes over 289 movie poster designs.

Award Winning Posters by Karel Vaca:

1964 2nd Prize, Film Festival Karlovy Vary (Dolce Vita / Accused)
1977 Special Prize, The Hollywood Reporter (The White Odyssey)
1980 Grand Prix, IFF Chicago (National Class Cat. up to 785 ccm)
1982 3rd Prize, The Hollywood Reporter (Don’t Call Me Major)
1984 Silver Medal, IFF Chicago (Grand, You Get Nothing Now)
1986 Diploma, Biennale Lahti
1988 The Best Poster of the Year, Honourable Mention (The Great Film Robbery)


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