Black Dog 2011

Art Print

Main Details
Limited run of 200
Print Technique Screen print
Type Art Print
Notes Print from a gallery show taking inspiration from the 40th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV.

Standard run, s/# out of 200
Variant edition, s/# out of 40
Hand finished edition, s/# out of 4
Psychedelic edition, s/# out of 40
Brown Paper edition (with metallic green flake inks), s/# out of 9
White variant, s/# out of 6

From the artist:
"To me, "Black Dog" is the antithesis of Rock N Roll. Hard, heavy, sexual and primal. The sentiment is as old as the beginning of man and woman and the eternal subject matter of the earliest Blues song. It's about obsession, infatuation, lust, frustration, disappointment and yearning. It's mostly from a man's perspective but there would be no Blues or Rock N Roll if this emotion did not exist between the sexes."


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