Going to California 2011

Art Print

Main Details
Limited run of 200
Print Technique Screen print
Type Art Print
Notes Print from a gallery show taking inspiration from the 40th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV.

From the artist:
“There are so many things that conjure up thoughts of California. There’s an old national lampoon radio show in which Hunter Thompson is assigned to find the essence of Cali. He drives around the state in a car with the radio blaring all things Cali, and encounters events typical to his assignment, and he’s oblivious to it all. Can’t get a handle on it. To me, to represent Cali I used the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s not the Hollywood sign which is L.A. The bridge is a Cali thing, with the fog and ocean. The stamp border refers to travelling, going from here to there, not stationary. I used warm colours and built around the yellow sky. The illustration process was scratch board which is very organic and in keeping with the California feel. [although i guess you could argue that southern cali is pretty slick] All seperations are hand cut with airbrush splatter on rubylith and then each colour is hand pulled. There are 6 colour passes on this print. ”


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