Stairway to Heaven 2011

Art Print

Main Details
Print Technique Screen print
Type Art Print
Notes Print from a gallery show taking inspiration from the 40th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV.

Gallery edition (blue), s/# out of 45
Artist Variant Colorway (red/orange), s/# out of 70
Foil edition, s/# out of 100
Wood panel (blue) edition, s/# out of 10
Artist Colorway Foil edition, s/# out of 40
Artist Colorway Wood edition, s/# out of 10

From the artist:
“What does ‘Stairway To Heaven’ look like? I’ll admit, I’m still not quite sure: there are as many interpretations for this song as there are individuals who’ve heard it. For me, it’s a song drenched in ‘duality’. It lyrically defines two paths: the choice to follow some ‘script’ in life, dictated by dogma, tradition, or teaching OR the option of trusting the inner voice, the ‘humming’ in your head.

I believe that there is energy within each one of us that naturally attempts to sync up with the pulsing of the universe, the grid connecting everything and everyone in existence. As a race of beings, we’ve become so very distracted over the ages that we’ve gradually forgotten how to ‘hear’ it. I think the song celebrates the option to ‘listen very hard’ & to follow the primal music in your head.

Still, the choice is ours...and the image I created is dominated by that same aspect of duality. Two paths. You can try to cheat the game and buy the ‘stairway to heaven’...or you can surrender to the wheel of fortune and just live it out day by day.”


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