Moonalice San Francisco 2014

Gig Poster

Main Details
Print Technique Litho
Type Gig Poster
Notes According to Moonalice legend, we have uncovered evidence that San Francisco may not actually be named for either St Francis of Assisi or Francis the Talking Mule. Or even Frances Perkins, the Secretary of Labor under Franklin Roosevelt and first woman in a presidential cabinet. Our evidence is today’s poster by John Seabury, which depicts St Frances of Yerba Buena, the guardian angel of the cannabis crop. With her trusty green gremlin, Trichrome, St Frances of Yerba Buena was a misandrist, a female who hates males. She had nothing against men. Her problem was with male cannabis plants … and she earned sainthood by reminding farmers to cut down the boys before they cause trouble. So, is our fair city named for a gentle male saint from Italy or gremlin carrying female saint from Northern California? You be the judge!


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