Tool - Clisson, 2019


Gig Poster

Main Details
Limited run of 250
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes From printer:

Berlin, 2nd June x 400 on silver foil
Prague, 4th June x 250 on gold foil
Vienna, 5th June x 300 on red foil
Nurburg, 7th June x 250 on green foil
Nuremberg, 9th June x 275 on rainbow holo foil
Krakow, 11th June x 275 on copper foil
Florence, 13th June x 250 on black foil
Donington UK, 16th x 300 on gunmetal foil
Amsterdam, 18th June x 400 on blue foil
Copenhagen, 20th June x 250 on pillars of light holo foil
Clisson, 23rd June x 250 on silver foil
Zurich, 25th June x 275 on red foil
Werchter, 28th June x 250 on rose gold foil
Madrid, 30th June x 250 on lava holo foil
Lisbon, 2nd July x 300 on H black foil


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