Dave Matthews Band Bristow 2018 (AP edition)

Gig Poster

Main Details
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes Sold via the artist's Etsy storefront, marked AP and not numbered

From the artist:
Title: "Nighttime In The Star Garden"

"Long ago, a moon fell from the sky, and our two explorers found it just sitting there on the ground one day. And on the ground next to the moon were little bits of star-dust that fell off the moon during it’s fall. They gathered the star-dust and decided the best thing they could do with it was to plant it, like seeds. And so they did.

After a few weeks, when the sun went down at night, the garden would begin to glow, and soon enough, the garden was full of growing stars and moons! Each night, the explorers visit their garden, they climb to the top of the moon, and then sprinkle more star-dust seeds across the land. Eventually, the stars and moons would grow large enough to float off into space and join their friends in the night sky."


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