Dave Matthews Band Holmdel 2018 (AP edition)

Gig Poster

Main Details
Limited run of 75
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes Sold via the artist's Etsy store, marked AP and not numbered

From the artist:
"This is my third poster for Dave and the boys this summer, and with each poster I tried to tell a short story, so that all three of them relate to each other in a really cool way. I'm so proud of how this one came out, and so excited to share it with you guys.

The title of this illustrations is 'Finding Love in the Sun Grove Village', and here's the story within the poster:

There once was a village that was built into a series of hills and each hill was a layer resting upon the hill below it, stacks and stacks of hills. And along each hill layer were little homes, built right into the ground. The people who lived there would walk out of their doors and climb the layers of hills until they reached the top, where they tended to their crops and their flowers.

But these weren't ordinary crops, the trees looked like lemon groves, but they weren't lemons at all. They were little suns!!

Most of the suns never grew past the size of small fruits, and they were very useful at that size, providing light, energy and health to the village.

But, as the legend goes, when two people fall in love and pick one of the little suns, it grows and grows, until it lifts off into the sky to join the universe. And so here is a scene of two of the villagers who have just fallen madly in love, and are joined by this sun, creating a supernova in the sky above the village." -- James Flames


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