Dave Matthews Band Charlottesville 2018 (Night 2) (Artist edition)

Gig Poster

Main Details
Limited run of 75
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes From the artist:
Title" "A Season of Tomorrows"

Five color screen print

"A fresh snow has landed overnight, and on the hill that overlooks the magical treehouse village, a couple has come to sit by the Lake of Tomorrow. As the sun rises for a new day, the streams of light pour through the trees and melt all the snow around them. They gently reach into the lake, and as the light hits the water, the wonders of tomorrow are reflected back at them. With this being the poster for the band's homecoming show, I thought it would be fun to included Miller's bar in the treehouse village. Miller's in Charlottesville, VA is where the band got their start, so it seemed only fitting" -James Flames


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