This poster is a variant of Association San Francisco 1966 (OP-1A)

Association San Francisco 1966 (OP-6)


Gig Poster

Main Details
Variant of Association San Francisco 1966 (OP-1A)
Date 1966-07-22
Print Technique Litho
Type Gig Poster
Notes 6th printing posters are white on the reverse.

These are actually copies of the OP-1A poster which were found to consistently have a printing flaw, likely that the press was running out of red ink. This created the appearance of a "pink" color instead of the normal red (although it's been proved that it is actually printed with the same red in, just in lower quantities).

This version has no ticket outlet strip text or Bill Graham/Wes Wilson credits. The Green was printed over the red layer and due to the reduced ink quantity, the green overpowered the red and make it not visible to the eye.


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