Remember The Alamo 2006 (Regular First Edition)

Film Poster

Main Details
Limited run of 270
Print Technique Screen print
Type Film Poster
Notes Membership drive poster for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

"Here's the deal. Tim at Alamo approached me about coming up with a poster for The Alamo Drafthouse downtown to help with an upcoming membership drive. Their 10 year lease is up, and of course the rent will now double. This is the Alamo that pretty much shows all the old crazy shit as well as new crazy shit all year long.

If you've been to it, you know there is a huge painting above the stairs of one of the classic posters for the John Wayne movie, The Alamo, showing Marion and boys battling it out with Santa Anna's army. I suggested that since the theatre is under seige like it's namesake, why not remake that poster but with all the great movie characters from films they've shown aiding Daniel Boone against the powers of darkness (I was just thinking Zombies, but Tim didn't want Leatherface being one of the good guys, so we decided to have classic bad guys fill out the evil ranks).

Tim said, "That's a good idea, can you make that?" to which I responded, "Fuck no, it would take me a million years. But I know who can."

Tyler Stout picked up the gauntlet, and made this."
-Rob Jones on


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