This poster is a variant of Byrds San Francisco 1966 (OP-1)

Byrds San Francisco 1966 (RP-2)


Gig Poster

Main Details
Variant of Byrds San Francisco 1966 (OP-1)
Date 1966-09-16
Print Technique Litho
Type Gig Poster
Notes 2nd printings have a smoothed out line rather than the rough "saw teeth" area described in the OP-1 printing. The blue color on the OP-1 and RP-2 match, but the RP-2 has a bit more red in it's orange layer. Time has faded most of that red away however, so the border flaw is the most distinguishing marker between editions.

Recently there has also been note of a very fine horizontal blue line about 9/16" below the top blue border anywhere between the "L" in "MILES" and the "W" in "WITH" on the RP-2 printings.

Although the main focus of the poster is for the bands, the show was opened each night with a performance of the plan "The Dutchman" by Le Roi Jones and produced by the New Stage Company.


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