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Posterogs is a community-built and driven site, and we welcome everyone to contribute to the database. However, before submitting posters or other information to Posterogs, please check out our Posterogs Database Rules and Guidelines.

What Is Posterogs?

Posterogs is a user-built database of posters. We're on a mission to create the most comprehensive database of posters in the world. The Posterogs database is currently focused on music posters, such as gig and concert posters, album release promo posters, music festival posters, as well as film posters.

What Is A Poster?

At this time, that decision is mostly being left up to the community. The general content submitted so far seems to be music, film, and television related. At this time, the size of the posters submitted range from 9" x 9" album promotionals to oversized posters.

What Isn't A Poster?

The definition of what should or shouldn't be allowed on Posterogs is open for debate, as we want to build the most community-friendly poster site. However, at this time we do not think the following items should be considered posters, and therefore don't think they belong on Posterogs: ticket stubs, one-off art prints, photographs.

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What Is A Credit?

A credit is for the artist, company, or creator(s) involved in producing the poster itself. This can be a graphic designer, illustrator, printing company, design company, etc. If they are credited in the production, they can be listed in the Credit field.

What Is A Subject?

A subject is anything of primary focus for the poster. It could be a musical artist, an album being promoted, an event venue, a movie or TV show, or a musical, film, or cultural festival. Basically, if it is listed on the poster, then it is a potential subject. Do your best to fill out details on the subject including photos. When possible, insert the link to musical artist pages at Discogs and movie pages at Filmogs. This type of crosslinking will help bring exposure to the other sites as well.

Poster Sizes And Types