Poster Titles - How to Complete the Title Field in the Submission Form

Different Types of Posters and How to create a good title for each Type

We’ve created a unique structure for giving your poster submissions a title, since it's not always clear what this should be.

Following this title structure is important to make posters easy to search for and find in the database, differentiate posters, and prevent duplicate submissions.

Note: for brevity, the use of the word ‘band’ below refers to any musical artist, group or solo.

Below you’ll find simple formulas for identifying poster types and creating clear titles.

Quick tips

  • Promotional or sales type information is not permitted in the title field on Posterogs (e.g. rare, mint condition, hard to find, holy grail etc).
  • Don’t just use the band name for the title - this can make it hard for other poster fans to search for or find in the database
  • Subtitle is an optional field, it’s fine to leave this blank
  • Avoid adding title attributes into the subtitle (such as city or year for a gig poster). Use the subtitle field if the poster has an alternate name that it’s commonly known as, like Kozik’s Green Lady Soundgarden/Pearl Jam gig poster.
  • If you’re an avid Discogs contributor and you’re used to having the item in front of you and only adding exactly what’s on the item, note that a bit of additional research could be required to get the details correct. Please add your sources in the submission notes.

Gig poster

A poster for a one-off show or concert by one or more bands at a single venue.
Recommended poster title:
[band name] [city] [year (YYYY)]
Queens Of The Stone Age - Nashville, 2017

Tour Poster

Poster advertising a multi-date tour for one or more bands. The tour may have a unique name which can be entered in the title field. If not, just add an approximation or place and year (e.g. North American Tour, 2005). Add support act in the subtitle field only if they played on all/most dates.
Recommended poster title:
[band name] [Tour title] [country] [YYYY]
AC/DC - Black Ice Tour, USA 2009

Album Promo

The poster should make direct reference to an album release. Only add label in the subtitle if the poster was associated with one.
Recommended poster title:
[band name] [album name]
David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

Band/Artist Poster

Any poster featuring a band or music artist which makes no reference to an album, gig, or event. This could be a press shot poster or related artwork.
Recommended poster title:
[band name] [YYYY]
Iggy Pop, 1983

Event poster

This refers to events like music festivals, club night, showcase, art show, etc.
Recommended poster title:
[event name] [city] [YYYY]
Pitchfork Music Festival - Chicago, 2006

Film poster

Any poster for a cinematic release with title and/or credit block on the print. Year refers to year the poster was produced, rather than the film.
Recommended poster title:
[film] [YYYY]
3:10 To Yuma, 2007

If you’re trying to add a poster whose title doesn’t fit with any of these conventions, please start a thread in the forum.