Step-by-Step Posterogs Submission Guide

To get started with submitting your poster collection to the Posterogs database, ensure you have a physical copy of the poster in front of you. As Posterogs is a database for archiving physical poster release, this is important to ensure data accuracy and detail so we can create the most comprehensive and authoritative database of books to endure for years to come. We also recommend the poster is in your possession/collection, rather than a poster you come across in the street.

When you click Add Poster in the top Posterogs navigation bar, you’ll be taken to the submission form. Here, you can enter as many details as possible about the poster. Below is an overview to help you enter data for each field.

Please note not all fields on the submission form will apply to all posters. If a field doesn’t apply to the poster you’re submitting or you can’t find the correct data please omit it.

As posters are such a visual medium, we encourage you to submit photos of your posters to add to your submissions. Check out our image guidelines here.

Poster meta-data can be kind of subjective by nature, so we ask you to be as detailed as possible with physical details, such as size, shape, text and things that are apparent on the poster. There are some cases where you may need to do a bit of research about the origin of the poster. We recommend looking around, but if you’re unsure about the accuracy of the data, please don’t include. Together we can create the most comprehensive database of music posters in the world!

What's currently accepted on Posterogs

As Posterogs is a Discogs site, we primarily prefer music posters, such as gig, tour and album promotional posters. Since Filmogs has become part of the ‘ogs family we also accept film posters.


This may take some creativity on your part as most posters don’t have a clear title. We recommend being descriptive but concise.
For exampe, for a gig poster you could add the name of the headline act, the venue and/or city and date (or just year). Make it as intuitive and clear as possible so other users looking for posters like yours will be able to find it easily in the posterogs database.
Here are some examples of titles done well: Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not - Vinyl Me, Please,
Atlas Genius - Dallas - 2016, Bruce Springsteen - Live 1975-85


There may be some overlap between title and subject here, but please add all subjects on the poster here as posters of the same subject will be grouped (e.g. you can find all posters with Kurt Vile as the subject on one page).


Add the names of the people or companies that were involved in the making of the physical poster (this does not include the record label/company for album promo, or conceptual work). This includes the designer or artist of the poster, the printer or typesetter, ad agency behind the poster. If no artist or companies are credited on the poster itself, try doing a Google search to see if you can find more information about the poster. If you’re not able to find the information or are unsure of the accuracy, please feel free to leave this field blank. Another user may have additional information about the poster and may be able to add at a later date.


If your poster is for a gig, tour, of event promotion, please add the date of the event on the poster. If it’s for an album promo, add the year the album was released.
The format of the date should always be YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM if date is not known, or just YYYY.


This primarily applies to gig posters for the country the gig took/is due to take place in.

Height and Width

Right now this is only in cm. Here’s a quick and easy tool for converting inches to cm.

Limited Run Of

If production was limited to a certain number of prints, please enter the total number of prints in this field. This will usually be found in one of the corners of the print, or on the back.

The type of printing method that was used to make this poster. See this link for a clearer definition of what is meant by each example.


Is this a gig poster, album promo, tour poster, event poster or other? If your poster doesn’t fit at least one of these examples, it may not be suitable for Posterogs. If you’re unsure, please consult the forums, or contact us via the chat bubble at the bottom of the page.


Add any additional details about your poster that you wish to include that doesn’t quite fit in any of the given fields. Feel free to leave this blank if you feel you’ve got it covered above.

Set List

Complete your gig or concert poster submission by adding the full setlist performed at the show. Add a link to the track on Discogs to help other Posterogs users experience the next best thing to being there.

Add links to any sites with information that support your submission, like Wikipedia or an official artist site. We especially interested in linking the whole 'ogs ecosystem, especially linking gig posters to their artist page on Discogs - or even a concert poster to a live recording catalogued on Discogs. Same for film posters with the film release on Filmogs, etc.